outrageous break through in metal forming technologies

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Break through in metal forming technologies

Dear list

It caused me some hours of seriously reflecting if the following might be a
subject for rp-list or not.
Because it is not in my intention to act against the rules of a mailing list.
But at least, I decided for this step, because it will- surefire- be an
breathtaking improvement for all those who take care about design and
Rather than excluding the RP world, it enables to enlarge the possibilities of
realizing outrageous designs and improvements in technical functions.
I really hope that there are a lot of people doing a good job, what will mean in
my opinion to take care about the whole picture of the customer needs rather than
looking for order fulfillment of the sole task.

I hope, there might be a lot of people who will agree with the following

To have thousand and one product idea in your mind and being reduced to those
which might be realized in a cost efficient manner is not very satisfying, isnít
it ?
That is what we thought about this matter and focused on research in highly
innovative solutions.
One solution that might turn conventional metal forming technologies upside-down,
is the new patented Stretchforming technology.

What is beyond the new method?

Strength, stability and reusability without any loss in terms of quality are
outstanding advantages associated with metal.
If it wasn't for the relatively high weight and conventional forming techniques
with no further capacity for technological improvement, metal would play an even
more important economic and ecological role.

This new patented technology of metal-forming, inbound in HOT DOC's design and
engineering processes, beat friction and wear. It goes well beyond the scope of
other forming technologies and permits metal applications in areas formerly the
sole domain of plastics.
This technology exploits the malleability of the metal to the full. The end
result is resilience-free, drawn, stable and identical forms from the first to
the millionth unit without any tool affection by wear.

A detailed description with one example concerning costs you will find under


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user name: hot-doc
password: route66

Sorry that our web is still under construction, still in funny German/English and
has to be reworked a.s.a.p.
But for understanding the whole picture, it should be o.k.

Attn: there is one mistake: of course, it is not stainless copper, but stainless
Surefire, this technology will turn the conventional methods upside down.
Because it is at least cheaper, products are of better quality and outrageous
designs in metal are possible.

Now, it is up to your fantasy to think about the new dimension of creating superb
products made of metal.

Best regards

Sabine Stamm
Managing Director

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