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Alias|Wavefront Brings Unprecedented Levels of Performance and
Interactivity To
                     the Design Market With Studio 9 Family

                            (PR Newswire; 07/21/98)

                  Studio 9 Represents a Major Design Release

    ORLANDO, Fla., July 21 /PRNewswire/ Alias 5/8Wavefront, a subsidiary of
Silicon Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: SGI), today announced the Alias(R) Studio(TM)
9 family, an important release which offers designers a rich array of new
features and dramatic advancements in performance and interactivity. With
this release the designer receives dynamic feedback on such key information
as diagnostic and cross-section data in an environment that enhances user

"Studio 9 allows you to run advanced diagnostics on an object with
interactivity that is similar to holding it in your hand and watching how
the light plays off it," explains Don Harper, product manager for Studio.
"Designers are now able to evaluate surfaces within a workflow that
provides both increased productivity and a closer connection to the

Alias 5/8Wavefront is the world's leading developer of CAID software
running on both Silicon Graphics and IBM(R) workstation platforms.
Designers around the world use Alias 5/8Wavefront products to design
everything from laptop computers, sporting equipment, cellular telephones,
medical equipment, children's toys, to fashion accessories. The company is
also the leader in design software developed specifically for the needs of
the automotive designers.

Alias 5/8Wavefront is demonstrating the complete family of Studio 9
computer-aided design (CAID) products at SIGGRAPH '98, July 21-23, in Booth
.1801 of the Orange County Convention Center.

"Studio 9 represents a significant investment in our design products,"
explains Harper. "We are offering designers a large number of new features
and enhancements in Version 9 which amount to a major design release."

Greater Speed and Interactivity
With this release Alias 5/8Wavefront introduces the following new features:

.. Real-time Diagnostics -- provides immediate visual feedback when
evaluating surface quality using environment maps and highlight analysis
displays. Real-time feedback results in a workflow where designers can
quickly and easily see the changes as they make them and adjust the model

.. New Curve-Fitting Algorithms lets designer fit a nurbs curve to a set of
points which improves the ability to reverse engineer 3D models from cross-
sections taken from scan data.

.. Explicit User Control Over Surface Parameterization gives user more
control over building lighter weight models that transfer directly and more
cleanly into downstream engineering and manufacturing systems.

.. Symmetrical Modeling enables designer to work on one half of a
symmetrical design while viewing the entire design which means models can
be created faster, easier and with guaranteed symmetry.

.. Dynamic Cross-sections increases interactivity and designer's ability to
evaluate surface models in real-time using cross-section data.

.. Enhanced Viewing Ability offers the ability to interactively switch a
single window from front to top or side views in perspective or
orgthographic projection which provides the user with a more focused
workflow environment.

.. Parting Line Evaluation automates the task of determining the location
of parting lines for injection molded parts.

.. Direct Render allows the user to initiate a raytrace/raycast rendering
while continuing to work in the modeling environment.

.. Persistent Diagnostic Tools permits user to simultaneously view multiple
displays of diagnostic information in a window in which the feedback
continues to update during adjustment to models.

StudioPaint 9
Alias 5/8Wavefront continues its momentum in the design market with the
introduction of StudioPaint 9(TM). StudioPaint 9 further enhances the
design workflow by offering new features such as Color Curves, an image
processing tool for global color correction via color curves, and Color
Editor, a new user interface that enables the user to select and store
colors quickly, intuitively and accurately. StudioPaint 9 also now supports
the use of industry-standard Bezier curves to provide a familiar way of
building 2D geometry.

Pricing and Availability
StudioPaint 9 and Studio 9 are scheduled to start shipping before the end
of 1998. StudioPaint 9 will be available for $9, 995 and Studio 9 will be
available for $24, 995 with upgrades free-of-charge to existing customers
on maintenance. 1/8Prices are indicated in U.S. funds and will vary outside
of the U.S. 3/8

Alias 5/8Wavefront provides artists with advanced computer graphics
software that helps unleash the power of their creativity. As the world's
leading innovator of 2D and 3D graphics technology, Alias 5/8Wavefront
develops software for the film and video, games, interactive media,
industrial design and visualization markets. Alias 5/8Wavefront's
industrial design and visualization customers include AT&T, BMW, Boeing,
Fiat, Ford, Honda, Italdesign, Kodak, Mattel, Renault, Rollerblade, Teague
and Timex.

With headquarters in Toronto, Alias 5/8Wavefront is a wholly owned,
independent software subsidiary of Silicon Graphics, Inc. Alias
5/8Wavefront has worldwide distribution via a network of Channel Partners
and sales offices located in North America, Europe and Asia. For more
information on products, readers can access Alias 5/8Wavefront's web site
at Readers in North America can also call 800-447-2542 for
the location of the nearest sales office or Channel Partner in their area.

NOTE: Alias is a registered trademark, and Alias 5/8Wavefront, the Alias
5/8Wavefront logo, Alias Studio, and Alias StudioPaint are trademarks of
Alias 5/8Wavefront, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited. Silicon
Graphics , IRIX, and the Silicon Graphics logo are registered trademarks of
Silicon Graphics, Inc. IBM is a registered trademark of International
Business Machines.

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