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Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 21:35:34 EEST

     I think you will be surprised just how small the model/pattern making
     industry is. A source of information may be the APMM (Association
     Professional Model Makers).I'm certain they have a web site.
     My company has been in the model making industry 30 plus years and
     above average in size. I would believe the majority of shops average
     less than 10 people. If you assume $100K revenue per modelmaker per
     year that gives you average annual sales +/- $1M. There are very few
     50-60 person shops in the U.S. There are several over 100. Of those
     you would learn many are diversified. Their actual model/pattern
     sales are a smaller percent of their business. Those that are large
     are captued within the auto industry. Aircraft was a big user, that's
     deminished. Consumer products are by and large the largest user of
     traditionl model making skills today. The majority of traditional
     model shops have seen basic geometric forms go by way of RP. My
     company seen all forms of engineering models go to RP beginning in
     1993. Presently we are seeing a reverse trend where the customer
     requires engineering grade plastic (actual production materials)
     prototypes without tooling. This leaves traditional machining
     Large in-house model shops are all but gone with the exception of
     toys, gift and collectibles. Basically industries that require
     sculptural or carved shapes that are not practical to design in a CAD
     system will maintain in-house capabilities. Some companies will keep
     a few modelmakers to service sales, marketing and conceptual R&D
     I would find it enlightening to learn there are billions of sales $
     buried in those hills. Please share your findings with our industry.
     I hope you do not include Asia in your analysis. The RP industry by
     and large will not see that work. It's hard to compete with 25% our
     costs. They do a huge amount of the world's models for consumer
     products manufactured in Asia. In fact some US companies will have
     their models produced there even though the product will be tooled and
     manufactured elsewhere in the world just to save money.
     Kindest regards,
     Jim Williams, President and CEO
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
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Subject: Model-making market
Author: Marshall Burns <> at INTERNET
Date: 7/20/98 8:46 AM

Good morning!
    Does anyone have any data on the size of the professional model
making market? I'm not talking about rapid prototyping here, but about
all kinds of professionally made models and prototypes, including:
        -- Product models for engineering and marketing
        -- Automotive clay models
        -- Architectural models
        -- Industrial design models
        -- Scientific, medical, and biochemical models
        -- Hollywood set design models
        -- Working prototypes of mechanical products
    This would include both in-house work at large companies and work
done by independent model-making companies for their customers.
    My guess is we have to be talking about multiple billions here,
easily. Maybe that much just in Detroit.
    I would appreciate any information provided, and will report a
summary of nonconfidential responses back to the list.
    Thank you.
Best regards,
Marshall Burns
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