Questions about Dupont SOMOS SLA resins

Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 03:49:13 EEST

With the vast experience of the RPML audience, I was wondering if anyone would
be of greatly appreciated assistance to me by commenting on Dupont SOMOS SLA
resins as follows:
   1. What type of technical support have you received from Dupont on their
SOMOS resins?

    2. Have you heard any comments about and/or seen any SOMOS 8100 series

    3. For those of you who have used 8100 series in their work facilities,
please relay input on what your expeiences have been.

    4. With the higher heat deflection temperatures available with SOMOS
resins, has anyone had success in running direct AIM?

    5. Dupont claims that you will see on the average a 25% decrease in build
time. Can anyone comment on this point?

                Thanks a lot for your assistance !


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