From: Joe D (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 06:44:19 EEST

I'm still having some difficulty with this small spot SLA250. It's become very apparent that there are no standards in place for parameters. That is to say that the chance of two machines running the same resin, build styles, laser power, etc. is highly unlikely. To those of us that are using this machine I propose that we share with each other the critical settings that we all are using for comparative purposes.

So far I've learned that
    a.. the 2.5 mil style that 3D supplied doesn't work in most systems
    b.. most people are using different resins (I only talked to one other person using SL5170)
    c.. some have had their own formulation mixed
    d.. laser power varies from 11mw to 2mw on the various machines ( how many are there anyway???)
    e.. only a couple users are satisfied with their results (if there are more they haven't spoke out yet)
    f.. 3D technical support advises leaving the laser on full
    g.. builds take over 3x longer to build then on a 250/50 and could take as much as 6x longer (my experience)
I'd be interested in knowing these bits of information and would compile the data and distribute it to those who contributed. I'm not sure what we'll learn but I think there will be some value to this exercise.

here is my list:
    a.. manufacturer of laser in use
    b.. laser power range observed
    c.. spot size
    d.. Resin used
    e.. Ec
    f.. Dp
    g.. Resin temp
    h.. border OC
    i.. hatch OC
    j.. skin file OC
    k.. hatch spacing
    l.. fill spacing
    m.. layer thickness
    n.. blade gap %
    o.. physical blade gap
    p.. support layer thickness
    q.. support border OC
    r.. support spacing
If there is anything I missed feel free to add it.

Joe D

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