Freeware STL generator

From: Gary Beene (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 09:34:47 EEST

I thought the group might have some interest in a freeware design
application called WinPlace. WinPlace is a freeware application which
allows you to create and place objects into an area and view the results in
3D (VRML).

I wrote WinPlace for use at my company (Raytheon) in creating quick visual
models of electronic assemblies and have just released Version 8.0, whose
features includes the ability to export designs in DXF and STL formats. The
features support only limited geometries, but for the purpose of concept
evaluation the limitations are not show-stoppers.

There's no "Pro" version to buy, just the freeware release. If you're
interested you can get additional information at the WinPlace home page:


Gary Beene
Gary Beene's Visual Basic World

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