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Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 18:11:13 EEST

     Elaine Hunt said:
     " YES RP does make a difference in the average person's life and I
     believe if it were less costly....multitudes more would make their
     dreams and inventions reality. Until we find a way to unite the
     tinkers of the world...RP will continue to be for the privileged."
     Speaking as one of the so called privileged...
     I think that your story demonstrates an interesting fact of life.
     Creativity is not the only thing required to develope a new idea and
     bring it to market.
     Those who have the determination to see the project through are more
     likely to find a way to get it done.
     How many great new ideas have been lost due to the lack of drive on
     the part of the inventor? And how many people have you heard say that
     they had that idea years ago and never acted on it?
     After all, the women Elaine spoke of found a way to access the
     resources of the privileged few.
     Don't blame me; I'm not being cynical, just realistic.
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