Date: Fri Jul 24 1998 - 04:39:06 EEST

This week marked 3D System's first appearance at the Siggraph trade show.
Familiar faces included Pat Lanfier, Scott Tompson, Linda Burton, Michael
Rees, and Bill "Tupper feeling" Morgan.

Cool things:
Intergraph showed a force-feedback sculpting input device that was hidden
behind a tilted mirror that showed reflection of your work going on in the
virtual world.

3D was head-scanning people along with a company called Real3D then building
their heads on the Actua.

Dreamworks showed off their new movie Antz, and displayed their maquettes
behind glass.

Alias/Wavefront showed some pretty cool fabric simulations in Maya just
begging to be converted to STL

Pixar gave away copies of Geri's Game. I noticed Scott Turner, late of
Scicon, is now with Pixar.

All the companies that sell computer graphics books and videos were on hand
hocking their wares. I succumbed to a few that are hard to find anywhere
else. I highly reccomend the show to anyone wanting to see the future of 3D
graphics. Next July they will be in Anaheim, I believe.

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