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Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 03:58:06 EEST

Hi Folks,

    I got several responses to my question about the model making market,
but most of them referred me to the APMM for information. Thank you to the
following people for specific information:
            -- Charles at Laser Graphic Manufacturing
            -- Jim Williams of Paramount Industries
            -- Kelly Hand of Satellite Models and founder of APMM

    Charles said there is a rule of thumb that architectural models cost
0.1% of the construction budget and are only done for projects over $0.8
million. Jim doubts the model making market is as large as I suggested in
my original posting. Kelly said the APMM is studying the size of the
market now and we may end up working together on producing some good

    I did some analysis of data from the 1992 Economic Census. I compiled
a list of SIC codes of businesses that in my opinion probably use models
significantly. This came to 81 SIC codes. According to the Census Bureau,
in 1992 there were 109,604 business establishments with those primary
codes in the US and they generated $952 billion of revenue among them. If
we could figure out what percentage of their revenues these businesses
allocate to building models, both in house and outsourced, we would have
an estimate for the size of the model making market. Just as a first cut
at it, if we apply Charles rule of thumb without the project size cut off,
we would get a $1 billion market, which would agree with Jim in being less
than I expected.

    By the way, the Economic Census is an incredible wealth of business
statistics at Did you know
that in 1992 there were 5.6 million businesses in the US and they
generated over $13 trillion in revenues? Manufacturing companies did $3
trillion of that.

    Any further insights on the size of the model-making market will still
be welcome.

Marshall Burns wrote on July 18:

> Good morning!
> Does anyone have any data on the size of the professional model
> making market? I'm not talking about rapid prototyping here, but about
> all kinds of professionally made models and prototypes, including:
> -- Product models for engineering and marketing
> -- Automotive clay models
> -- Architectural models
> -- Industrial design models
> -- Scientific, medical, and biochemical models
> -- Hollywood set design models
> -- Working prototypes of mechanical products
> This would include both in-house work at large companies and work
> done by independent model-making companies for their customers.
> My guess is we have to be talking about multiple billions here,
> easily. Maybe that much just in Detroit.
> I would appreciate any information provided, and will report a
> summary of nonconfidential responses back to the list.
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Marshall Burns

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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