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> Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the assumption that the .CLI
> format
> was just the boundary contour description and that 3D Systems software
> could
> read in this file and then you apply the hatching parameters for the
> type of
> build you want. even allowing for beam compensation.
> The only problem slicing from this format is that you have to build it
> in
> that Z axis orientation.
> Nakis P. Karapatis wrote:
> > I would like to be able to modify hatch parameters in the file.
> Nakis What piece of software are you using to modify the hatch
> pattern?
        [karapatis nakis]
        [karapatis nakis] None at the moment - I just generate the
contour with magics and try to write some code to generate hatches - not
machine specific.
        The hatches are specified in the .cli format
(, but I don't
know of programs generating cli hatching...
> Could someone send me the ASCII description of the .CLI format from a
> box X,Y,Z
> ( 50mm x 60mm x 2mm ) sliced at a layer thickness of 0.5 mm and I will
> look
> into writing a conversion program to Heidenhein conversational machine
> language for a Laser machining centre.
        [karapatis nakis] (see url above).

        Best regards.


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