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> Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the assumption that the .CLI
> format
> was just the boundary contour description and that 3D Systems software
> could
> read in this file and then you apply the hatching parameters for the
> type of
> build you want. even allowing for beam compensation.
> The only problem slicing from this format is that you have to build it
> in
> that Z axis orientation.
> Nakis P. Karapatis wrote:
> > I would like to be able to modify hatch parameters in the file.
> Nakis What piece of software are you using to modify the hatch
> pattern?
[karapatis nakis]
[karapatis nakis] None at the moment - I just generate the
contour with magics and try to write some code to generate hatches - not
machine specific.
The hatches are specified in the .cli format
(, but I don't
know of programs generating cli hatching...
> Could someone send me the ASCII description of the .CLI format from a
> box X,Y,Z
> ( 50mm x 60mm x 2mm ) sliced at a layer thickness of 0.5 mm and I will
> look
> into writing a conversion program to Heidenhein conversational machine
> language for a Laser machining centre.
[karapatis nakis] (see url above).

Best regards.


> Jan Andrzejewski
> RP Operation Manager
> Pera.

Sorry for long quotation of the original mail.

Here in CAM Center, Clemson, we have a slicing software, which can slice
STL files and generate CLI files. Users can choose the slice contour styles
(for LOM process or other processes, they are different) and filling
styles(single direction or both x-y netting filling), of course the slice
layer depth, x-y netting intervals and some other parameters. The CLI files
have both contour info and netting hatchedline info or only contour info if
users don't crosshatch it. It's a multi-purpose slicing software.

3D system's SLA and Sanders MM can use a CLI file as input, but they only
read in the contour info of the CLI file, and regenerate the filling vectors
with their own software package. So if you use these machines and wanna use
CLI files as input, it's not a must to "draw" the hatchedline yourself. But
it's very easy if you want to do that, at least much easier than to slice
an STL file.


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