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We don't own a machine, but for reference, what do you consider
"thin-walled?" I would like to know for future consideration of this

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> Hello everyone. I posted a message sometime back about Z corp. I got a
> lot of responses. We here at Graco purchased on of these machines.
> Despite the fact that we've had a lot of problems with the machine
> itself operating correctly, we haven't had much luck w/ the quality of
> the parts. Can anyone out there give any suggestions on how to get top
> quality parts from this machine? It seems to work pretty well, as long
> as the parts are solid. However, I have a thin walled part and it seems
> to warp it pretty bad. The worst part about this is, the part itself is
> too big for the build envelope, so I had to chop it up to get it built.
> Each piece was a different size, and warped very badly so they didn't
> match up. Humidity is not a problem here, we have that under control.
> Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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