Re: Joe Bailey's Z Corp question

From: Tom Clay (
Date: Wed Jul 29 1998 - 20:44:04 EEST

Dear Joe,

Our service team has been in contact with your Z402 operator, Mike
Zerby, and has given him some suggestions for handling large,
thin-walled parts. These parts come out well if the operator lets the
part set for 15-20 minutes in the bed after the completion of the build
and then removes the powder from the part. We will follow up with Mike
over the next few days to ensure that he is making great parts.

If, in the future, you or any Z402 user are tackling a challenging part
for the first time, please feel free to call our training team or me
personally at any time at 617-628-2781.

We are completely committed to training our new users to make great

Tom Clay
Z Corporation

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