Z 402 printer - Thanks

From: Bailey, Joe - GCP (jrbailey@gracocorp.com)
Date: Thu Jul 30 1998 - 20:51:50 EEST

Thanks to everyone who responded to my message. Realizing that with any
rp process on a thin walled part you are gonna have some warpage, I did
some things to help the process. The section profile was a "U" shape,
and the ends were open. Because of the warpage they didn't match up.
However, I added a small "webbing" of material at the end sections to
eliminate the problem. That, along with a few settings toggled, we ended
up with a good quality part. I was able to add other parts to it for a
real assembly. Hope this may help anyone else out there who is having
some problems w/ rp parts warping. Thanks again!

// Joe Bailey
// Graco Children's Products Inc.
// Product Development Dept.
// Elverson, Pa 19520 (USA)
// Email: jrbailey@gracocorp.com

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