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Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 19:40:33 EEST

Anyone interested in Nanotechnology should start with the Foresight
Institute, whose main Web site is at

>From there, you should be able to get all the connections you need to
other people working in the field, The Sixth Conference on Molecular
Nanotechnology will be held 13-15 November 1998 in Santa Clara, California
( To give you some idea of some of the people
working in the area, the Co-sponsors of the conference include:

Argonne National Laboratory, Mathematics & Computer Science Div.

California Institute of Technology, Materials and Process Simulation

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Energy Research
Scientific Computing

NASA Ames, Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division

Rice University, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology

University of Southern California, Molecular Robotics Laboratory

Washington University, Laboratory for the Study of Novel Carbon Materials

Although the people working in this field are sometimes somewhat
fanatical, they are serious in their research and, given thecritical mass of
researchers now working in the area, and taking alternative directions to
nanotechnology (nanorobotics, biotech, fullerenes), some breakthrough may occur
there sooner than I expect (I usually put it in the 50-year time frame
that is beyond the planning scope of most of my clients).

If and when the breakthroughs lead to the desired results, the current
world economic model could be turned on its head, hopefully resulting in
enormous wealth and well-being for the entire planet's population, but
possibly also resulting in utter chaos and global warfare. Details at 7.

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Mr. Tushar R. Mahale wrote:
>RP World,
> Is anybody currently working on the lines of building parts
>molecule by molecule / atom by atom? I had been reading a few things on
>nanotechnology, but it seems most of the efforts (in the field of
>are concentrated towards building molecular machinery, vapour deposition
>etc(which of course has its own relevance). Using Molecular
>Assemblers/Deassmeblers to build objects might be something way ahead in
>the future.
> In his talk "There's plenty of room at the bottom", Richard
>Feynman had touched upon some other posiiblites for building parts atom
>atom; has anybody worked on those lines?
> In our world of RP, the word small is something which we have
>always been aiming for; we have always tried to decrease the slice
>interval to the minimum; so why not the bare minimum; an atom/molecule.
>I guess thats the reason why I posed this question on the rp-ml. I would
>like to know if anynbody has been working on these lines and would be
>highly obliged if anyone of you could help me out.
>With Regards
>Tushar Mahale
>Research Engineer
>Rapid Prototyping Cell
>Indian Institute of Technology

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