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Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 13:32:56 EEST

     A few years ago (4-5?) I read about some researchers at IBM using an
     electron microscope to move the atoms around on the surface of a
     silicon wafer. It took them several weeks to do it as I recall, but
     they spelled out IBM with atoms. It's a start, it's at the atomic
     level, but it ain't rapid and it was very material specific.
     I don't know the names of the researchers or what lab at IBM they
     worked in, but I think the article was in a magazine called Machine
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Subject: Nanotechnology
Author: "Mr. Tushar R. Mahale"
To: Rapid Prototyping
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Date: 7/31/98 11:02 AM
 Is anybody currently working on the lines of building parts
molecule by molecule / atom by atom? I had been reading a few things on
nanotechnology, but it seems most of the efforts (in the field of manuf.)
are concentrated towards building molecular machinery, vapour deposition
etc(which of course has its own relevance). Using Molecular
Assemblers/Deassmeblers to build objects might be something way ahead in
the future.
 In his talk "There's plenty of room at the bottom", Richard
Feynman had touched upon some other posiiblites for building parts atom by
atom; has anybody worked on those lines?
 In our world of RP, the word small is something which we have
always been aiming for; we have always tried to decrease the slice
interval to the minimum; so why not the bare minimum; an atom/molecule.
I guess thats the reason why I posed this question on the rp-ml. I would
like to know if anynbody has been working on these lines and would be
highly obliged if anyone of you could help me out.
With Regards
Tushar Mahale
Research Engineer
Rapid Prototyping Cell
Indian Institute of Technology
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