Re: 12 to 18 month outlook on fabber technologies

Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 11:46:33 EEST

Well Marshall,

..finally some god questions!

>Marshall Burns
>What improvements would you expect to see becoming available in the
>next year or two from 3D Systems, Stratasys, Z Corp., Sanders, and other
>fabber vendors in terms of:
> -- How much faster?
     In the next 3 years I'd like to see a volume of 10x10x10cm made in 1/2
     You could achieve such a speed using a large printing head. Large as a
     "Y" dimension, so the movement could be just in "X" direction.

> -- How much more accurate?
     The accuracy should be in between 0.05 and 0.01 mm
     Well, the accuracy of Ink-wax jet technology it's good enough. You
should work
     more on printing algorithms. Just as example - in 2D printing process
for better
     picture looking the halftoning (error diffusion, etc. is used...

> -- How many more and better materials?
     Personally I'd like to see a harder wax or even a kind of ABS.

> -- How much better surface finish?
     If you guys could make an improvement of 20% less jagies, ...that's

> -- Multi-color fabrication?
     You really should look at what Ink jet printers manufactures are
     Another point for look on could be the Tektronix wax technology or
     QMS colour transfer. By the way the QMS colour transfer was my first
     experience. I accidentally print on the same sheet of paper for 20
times (well,
     I don't remember the exact number).
     Does ring a bell?

> -- What cost for machines and materials?
     Oh, gasp. I like this question. Do you remember my EPSON 3D printer
for 5K $?
     The material? Not more than 100$ for 5 Kg

> -- Easier-to-use and more office-friendly systems?
     Oh, yes. The system should run in the desktop environment.
> -- What else?
     That's quite enough work for next 3 years I think.

> Thanks for your help. The best answers will receive a special
> invitation to the launch event of the Genie Studio Fabber.
     You're welcome! I'm waiting for launch invitation!

Dorjano Baruca
SRC computers

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