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Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 12:40:19 EEST

Hi Joe

You should use the standard technique used to keep plastic parts
un-deformed when extruded. So, add additional ribs and remove them after

Hope this help.


Dorjano Baruca

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Hello everyone. I posted a message sometime back about Z corp. I got a
lot of responses. We here at Graco purchased on of these machines.
Despite the fact that we've had a lot of problems with the machine
itself operating correctly, we haven't had much luck w/ the quality of
the parts. Can anyone out there give any suggestions on how to get top
quality parts from this machine? It seems to work pretty well, as long
as the parts are solid. However, I have a thin walled part and it seems
to warp it pretty bad. The worst part about this is, the part itself is
too big for the build envelope, so I had to chop it up to get it built.
Each piece was a different size, and warped very badly so they didn't
match up. Humidity is not a problem here, we have that under control.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.
// Joe Bailey
// Graco Children's Products Inc.
// Product Development Dept.
// Elverson, Pa 19520 (USA)
// Email:
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