Re: Piping and Schematic software

Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 12:52:36 EEST

Hi Monica
If you intend to draw (2D) the best choice is Intergraph's Imagineer
It's a 2D parametric draughting tool. An excellent choice (cca. 500$)!
If you plan to make a 3D stuff, you should consider SolidWorks from
SolidWorks (4K $)
or Solid Edge (4K $)from Unigraphics. Both use a Parasolid kernel which
turn out to be
a most reliable modeling kernel in thise price frame.


Dorjano Baruca

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Subject: Piping and Schematic software

Dear rp-ml:
In the process of my reverse engineering project, I need to make some
detailed schematic drawings of some piping. What software is available
there for something like this? I'm currently just using CATIA Draw but
there are more powerful tools out there with libraries of predrawn symbols.
AutoCad and Visio are 2 possibilities, what are your experiences and
Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft Company

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