Re: Piping and Schematic software

Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 18:37:42 EEST


in my country we have an expression; Let shoemaker talk about shoes!
Actually SolidWorks from it's beginning use Parasolid kernel. But Solid
the other package that I mentioned, did born with ACIS kernel.


       Dorjano Baruca

>Actually, Solid Works uses the ACIS kernel, doesn't it? Just
> wrote:
>> Hi Monica
>> If you intend to draw (2D) the best choice is Intergraph's Imagineer
>> Technical.
>> It's a 2D parametric draughting tool. An excellent choice (cca. 500$)!
>> If you plan to make a 3D stuff, you should consider SolidWorks from
>> SolidWorks (4K $)
>> or Solid Edge (4K $)from Unigraphics. Both use a Parasolid kernel which
>> turn out to be
>> a most reliable modeling kernel in thise price frame.

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