RE: SLA500 Solid State Laser

From: Deak, Steve (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 22:58:21 EEST

Based on the responses I'm getting off-line, let me pose one more question:

How many current 3D Systems SLA500 users are interested in a solid state
laser replacement (as Lyconix offers) IF it did not void any 3D Systems
Maintenance agreement (meaning 3D Systems would support and install this
upgrade)? Assume the initial cost of this upgrade was US$100K-150K range,
including a new resin and the laser installation. I'm not selling anything
other than there is probably a lot of people like me who want to lower their
SLA500 operating costs without "trading-in" their 500 for a 5000.

There is strength in numbers.
Thanks again.
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