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From: Elaine Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 15:31:29 EEST

Chad asked.....
>Can anyone point me toward some info on the 3DNASUG? Things such as
>past proceedings/historical info and future user group meetings.

3DNASUG has been around since 1988 when a group of beta users formed the
group to help
push the technology forward. Dick Aubin was the first chairman and helped
write it basic charter. Companies attending this first official meeting
included:Acustar, Apple Computer, Baxter, Carnegie Mellon University,
Dupuy, DEC, Dupont, Kodak, Ford, GE Aircraft, GM, IBM, Johnson Controls,
J&J Orthopaedics, Laser Prototypes, Monarch Marking, Pitney Bowes,
Plynetics, Pratt Whitney, Proctor Gamble, Shiley, Swiss Wire, TRM Revere
Molding, Volvo, 3D Systems, and invited guest, Aries Technology who
produced the first STL translator. The meeting was held in Irvine CA on
April 11-12, 1989. Dave Flynn produced the first proceedings and so it all

Proceedings of all but one meeting exists and can be purchased for a fee
(or has been in the past) so contact a current officer if you have a
particular proceedings you wish to obtain.
Meetings are always held in the spring and every meeting we "discuss"
changing this timeframe but it somehow is vote to stay the same.

If you own a 3D systems SLA machine please notify 3D to put you on the
official mailing list of the user group. NO this list IS NOT the official
list of 3D Systems so don't think if you receive any of their publications
you'll automatically receive user group material. Just to be safe I'd also
notify the current NASUG secretary to keep me informed. Usually meeting
notifications are shared with this listing.

If you have a specific questions, let me know and if I can't answer it
maybe I can direct you to the correct person.

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