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Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 19:14:40 EEST

  Bill: in your inquiry you asked
  << We are a design group in Australia and have a project on at the moment
which could involve up to 6 Keltool injection moulds to be ordered in

I would be grateful if someone could answer some preliminary questions
for me ASAP:

1. Anybody had any experience with RT Keltool dies for a polycarbonate
lens component - how do these perform as far as polishing goes.
2. Can somebody supply me with a list of any RT tool manufacturers who
have worked in this area.
5. Can I have some feedback on pros/ cons with this process. >>

Hi my name is Bob Morton from Industrial Molds/Fusion engineering.( 1 ) We
have done some prototype Keltool 2 shot molds for polycarbonate lenses on
cell phones. The quality was suprisingly good. The cavities can also be plated
to achieve an even better finish.
 ( 2 ) Fusion Engineering is currently the only commercial licensee of the
complete Keltool process from 3D systems. We are a very large worldwide mold
building organization. We would be more than happy to give you quotes on your
program no matter what the size. We can work with you at what ever level you
choose, from just supplying Keltool cavity inserts , to complete turnkey
production tooling.
(5) I personally have been using Keltool to build molds for close to 20 years
and am very satisfied with the process in general. It is a very mature process
and works very well for us.
Feel free to contact us directly.
Bob Morton
Industrial Molds Inc/ Fusion Engineering
5175 27th ave
Rockford Il 61109
ph 815-397-2971
fax 815-397-0474

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