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Bill, Ron,

We are a product development organization using SLA , Actua 2100 and the
Camattini Protomix along with Pro/Engineer to make rapid tooling inserts in
aluminum and other alloys. Using these tools, InterPRO has produced low
cost rapid tools that have yielded, for example, 400 Lexan parts with
tolerance of plus/minus 5 thou in roughly two weeks. These parts are being
used for functional test, customer evaluation, pilot production, FDA
approval, etc.
InterPRO is also a reseller for 3D Systems and Camattini. One of our
customers is using their Actua with Solidworks to produce injection mold
prototypes in roughly one week. Another uses Actua to build the
core/cavity that will be used directly to cast urethane, bypassing the
creation of a silicon mold. This produces same day functional cast parts
from CAD. Actua's excellent surface and detail make it an excellent
process for the application of tooling, whether by Keltool, rubber molding
or other means.
Hope this helps.
Kevin Dyer
InterPRO Rapid Techologies

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> We are a design group in Australia and have a project on at the moment
> which could involve up to 6 Keltool injection moulds to be ordered in
> mid-October.
> I would be grateful if someone could answer some preliminary questions
> for me ASAP:
> 1. Anybody had any experience with RT Keltool dies for a polycarbonate
> lens component - how do these perform as far as polishing goes.
> 2. Can somebody supply me with a list of any RT tool manufacturers who
> have worked in this area.
> 5. Can I have some feedback on pros/ cons with this process.
> I look forward to a response.
> Best Regards,
> Bill Hunter
> Niche Design Group.
> web site: >>
>Good day Bill,
>Regarding your request above I am curious concerning your project objectives
>and whether we may be of assistance. Our company specializes in very short
>lead times for CNC machined prototype AND production molds. These lead times
>are easily comparable to Keltool and other RP related tooling methods and
>offer the benefit of yielding precision parts for functional and aesthetic
>applications in large or small volumes.
>In addition we have extensive experience in tooling lens components and a lot
>of our work is in the electronic packaging market.
>I visited your webstie earlier today, congratulations on your awards. I am
>sure that your device for the profoundly deaf will significantly improve the
>lives of many people.
>For more information on our company including history, equipment, people etc.
>visit our website at .
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