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From: Bauer Juergen (Juergen.Bauer@SPY.SIEMENS.DE)
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 11:31:38 EEST

I think you should not forget the 3D Systems Actua, as it has a got
ratio between accuracy and speed.


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Subject: RP System Comments Wanted

My company is looking into purchasing an entry level RP system in the
future. We have sampled most systems and I have read everything that I
find on the Web and all the vendor literature. What I am interested in
is comments and suggestions from real world users. If you do not like or
have difficulty with a certain machine or vendor, I want to know about

The machines that we are primarily looking into are:
3D Systems SLA250 /30 /40 /50
Helisys LOM-1015
Sanders Prototype Model Maker II

We've pretty much eliminated other machines, but if you really like
machines, let me know about them.

We plan on using the machine for concept modeling, casting patterns,
tooling of plastic injection molds, and limited design verification

Thank you.

Russell Jensen
Parker Hannifin Corp., Racor Division

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