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From: Andrew Rich (
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 19:01:02 EEST

With no hard feelings intended for Mr. Conner, he is a bit biased. I would also
suggest you call a Stratasys service bureau who uses their elastomer E20. The
flexible parts I have seen from that machine using that material are far stronger
than the DTM flexible parts I have seen. I'm not knocking DTM's machine, it is
great for many things, and I'm sure they will develop a great elastomer one of
these days, . . . but I suggest you look into both for yourself. Its the only
way to judge for your own application.

Andrew Rich
Fraunhofer USA

Charles Conner wrote:

> Mr. Frantz
> On 8/5/98 you wrote:
> >We are working on a medical device that requires a flexible strap component.
> >
> >What flexible RP materials are currently available?
> >What durometers are the materials?
> DTM currently offers a "rubber-like" material called Somos 201 which was
> developed by DuPont for use with the SLS(R) Selective Laser Sintering process.
> Parts made with this material have a Shore A Hardness (Durometer) of 81.
> There are several service bureaus in North America which use this material. I
> invite them to respond to your inquiry if they are interested in quoting this
> job. I would also be glad to provide you with some names and numbers if
> responses are not forthcoming.
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