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From: Steve Upcraft (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 12:07:01 EEST


We have had an Actua since January 1998 and have experienced a number of
difficulties. I should emphasis however these have now all been
rectified to our complete satisfaction thanks to our 3D Systems
colleagues here in the UK.

Our list of system downtime defects includes:
1. Vacuum pump failure.
2. Vacuum pipework failure.
3. Flexible electrical lead failure.
4. Print head cooling fan failure.
5. Two replacement print heads.

In addition the internal display lamp for the build chamber is currently
inoperable but the machine builds without so...

As I stated previously the machine is now performing satisfactorily and
has been reliable for some time. Initially the shortcomings were put
down to the original build quality (time pressures, cost constraints
etc. etc.), however we did not subscribe to this view as the machine
appears to be well constructed. The overriding reason for the change in
fortune with our machine is a very simple one - we no longer switch the
machine off when we have finished using it!!!! This simple 'procedure'
took some time to work out with our service engineers but it would
appear that by keeping the machine powered up it remains warm, the
vacuum pipes and electrical leads remain flexible and the print head
does not block.

If others have experienced similar difficulties I would like to hear
from you (as I'm sure 3D would).

Once again my thanks to those at 3D Systems UK who persevered for many
hours to sort the problems out and - yes the machine is still working



Mayfield, Tim L wrote:

> We're running an Actua machine on a 30 day trial. Unfortunately, most
> of the 30 days have been lost due to down time. The machine has is
> now on it's third print head. Most of the problems we're seeing seem
> to be a the result of a plugged jet. The parts have a pitted surface,
> not smooth. Even flat top parts that should be very smooth aren't.
> Are there any Actua users out there who've experienced this same
> problem? Are there any Actua users who are completely satisfied?
> Tim
> Tim Mayfield
> Director of IS, Gray-Syracuse Inc.
> ESCO Corporation
> (315) 687-0014
> (315) 687-0023 (Fax)

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