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From: Scott \ (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 17:31:53 EEST

3D Systems released the Actua boasting it as this machine that can sit
next to the copier. This machine was suppose to run without any
supervision and without the need for a special operator. It would seem
to me if that is the case anyone exporting files from a cad system would
be a a canditate for the Actua User Group. Also if this group did exist
3D Systems would partially have to say the Actua is somewhat like the
sla which needs a operator to know all the little secrets and special
finishing tricks.

I know my boss would not fork out the cash to send me a HP Deskjet User
Group for a week or even a day

Elaine Hunt wrote:
> Anyone thinking about starting an Actua User Group? Or should 3DNASUG be
> changed to 3DUG to include all users worldwide? Or should we have a RPUG?
> Elaine
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