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<< Does anyone know of a material that can be used for patterns or samples
 that is very runny (like water), that sets up in a very quick time, has
 very little if any shrink, and has a low ash content so it can be burned
 out of an investment mold? We have tried several kinds of wax, and has
 been working fine, however in order to get the wax to a very runny state,
 we must heat it up considerably, which causes the wax to loose some of its
 properties. We want a material that will be able to pick up very fine
detail. >>


I may be able to help you with the fine detail, although I don't have a
material that is water thin. I have developed a proprietary polyurethane foam
material that has excellent surface detail, low weight, very good structural
strength, and can be burned out of investment cast shells. The material and
process, called AccuCast(TM), has been used to successfully make patterns in
aluminum and silicone rubber molds.

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