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The article you read was a project done with a Cyberware PS platform. The
digitizer safely and without contact scans the patient and is able to
reverse engineer a exact fitting mold from the scan data. This is a huge
improvement over the old painful method of making a plaster cast.

It has also made many other significant improvements in the medical field.
We can now scan a person's limb for an exact prostetic fit, scan the body
for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to create a template to work from
and can make custom fitting braces and crutches! It is my hope that every
major hospital in the world could have one of these at it's disposal!

        Lisa Federici

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At 12:23 AM 8/6/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear List:
>In Tuesdays (8-4-98) science section of the New York Times (page F4) in a
>article by Jane Ellen Stevens, the rapid prototyping process is described
>in the manufacture of a new type of burn mask. Although the article
>doesn't not mention rp by name, it does describe the process making a mold
>of a patient's face from laser scan data.
>Does anyone from Bastech Inc. follow this list? Can you tell the list
>any more about this application?
>It is great to see this technology healing people!
>Paul Betts
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