SLA5000 Problems

From: Dave Pinkston (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 22:18:31 EEST

Hope you can shed some light on this.

Sorry, what your about to read may seem harsh. I'm frustrated, and I
would like some real answers. I know there may not be any direct answers
but I'm trying to reach out to as mush help as I can. Thanks in advance.

We've been running this equipment for 5 weeks and there seems to be a
high rate of failures. These failures conclude in a sweeper stall.
(typical right?) 3D Systems has gone through all the settings and tests
and seem to not be able to give me a definite "here is the problem" type
response. We/they change a setting and run it again. The build may work
or fail, or it fails on the next build, which indicates the changed
settings where not the problem. We've had 5 consecutive good builds
within this time period which to me is unacceptable.

Now for my questions:

Has any other SLA5000 users had similar problems?
        If so what did you do for it?

What is the acceptable build failure rate for SLA machines? (I know
failure happens)

One concern is our power source. It will fluctuate from 207 to 246
volts. does any one have any data on what effect this has on 1) the
laser as it draws, 2) the life span of the laser, 3) the mirror servo
motors during the draw, 4) other parts of the operations? I can not fine
any suggestion in the site preparation guide as to supplying conditioned
power. Do you have condictioned power for the SLA5000? What kind, maker,
size, and where?

Knowing that 3D Systems monitors this list, is there someone there that
has any input to this situation. Please respond to me directly. I'm
trying to keep my managers and VP's calm but there is a lot of money
involved and you can see their concern. Meantime promises where made to
our costumes and those are not being met.

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