Re: SLA5000 Problems

From: Chad L Buchanan (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 23:13:03 EEST

We have encountered similar issues. MANY sweeper stalls. Ours was traced
to the blade filling up with too much resin. (The window on the back on the
blade was totally full plus some.) After fixing that, the builds have
gotten much better. The failures we have had since then we can trace to
support structure problems. For instance, a support many not be strong
enough to hold the part. A layer will start lifting up and eventually crash
the blade. If we custom draw some additional supports and rebuild, it
works. We have seen that quite a bit.

My management and customers have been frustrated as well. Things are
starting to get better though.

A major issue for me right now is a UPS system. I REALLY need one! We have
had many thunderstorms this year already and in fact have one going on right
now. Since I just started a 230 hour build, I am nervous.................

Chad L Buchanan
Cummins Engine Co.
812 377 7800

Dave Pinkston wrote:

> We've been running this equipment for 5 weeks and there seems to be a
> high rate of failures. These failures conclude in a sweeper stall.
> (typical right?)

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