DeskProto and MBP 2030

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Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 12:40:59 EEST

Dear RP list:

Is there anyone who uses DeskProto and MBP 2030?
Please tell me the evaluation of this system.

DeskProto is a CAM software for Rapid Prototyping and
MBP2030 is NC model milling machine for light prototypes
from delft spline systems.
For more information, visit

 Heesuk Kang
 Master's St udent
 Cad Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Design
 and Production Engineering, Seoul National University
 San 56-1 Shilimdong, Kwanakgu, Seoul, Korea
 Phone : +82-2-880-7447 Fax : +82-2-887-2283
 E-mail :

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