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From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 15:05:34 EEST

>Has any other SLA5000 users had similar problems?
> If so what did you do for it?

I had 2years of such problems on a SLA-250. My frustrations became so bad
that I turned the machine off and refused to run it! NO joke.

>What is the acceptable build failure rate for SLA machines? (I know
>failure happens)

I documented over 75K in build failure costs. You can document yours using
the build logs and placing a value on time lost. IT DOES ADD UP QUICKLY!!!

>several trips out. Our FSE's and installers were Dennis Van Zante (out of

Dennis saved my sanity. Need I say more. He not only understands the
technology but the customer. My machine has run flawless since he came and
got the machine back into working order and worked with our FE (who was new
and not to blame for my problems).

I suggest any customer who is having over a 30% build failure rate work
directly with Chris Brewlis and get their problem resolved. Once you do
this you will never believe how great the system works. IT IS WORTH the
effort. Document your frustrations to Chris in a letter and let him put
the known 3D resources to work on your problem.

I wish 3D would put together a 'TOP squad' of 2-3 of the best and oldest
employed FEs and put them on systems that get installed but DON'T work.
Wishes are cheap. Good FES are hard to find.

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