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From: James P. Harrison (
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 16:33:37 EEST

On Fri, 07 Aug 1998 08:05:34 -0400 Elaine Hunt
<> writes:
>>several trips out. Our FSE's and installers were Dennis Van Zante
>(out of
>Dennis saved my sanity. Need I say more. He not only understands the
>technology but the customer. My machine has run flawless since he
>came and
>got the machine back into working order and worked with our FE (who
>was new
>and not to blame for my problems).

Johnny Gagnon and Jim Jamison got our SLA-500 running when no one
else could. They are tops in my book!!

>I suggest any customer who is having over a 30% build failure rate
>directly with Chris Brewlis and get their problem resolved. Once you
>this you will never believe how great the system works. IT IS WORTH
>effort. Document your frustrations to Chris in a letter and let him
>the known 3D resources to work on your problem.

That is how we got our problems with our SLA-500 resolved. Thanks Chris.

>I wish 3D would put together a 'TOP squad' of 2-3 of the best and
>employed FEs and put them on systems that get installed but DON'T
>Wishes are cheap. Good FES are hard to find.

I strongly agree! This suggestion is long overdue! How about it 3D
Add this to our wish list at the next user's conference.


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