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Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 17:49:10 EEST

        Attendees of a user's group have different reasons and expectations for attending such an event. Some come for problem solving, some for education, some for networking etc. 3DNASUG for us has been very beneficial for all of these.
        To share technical information across platforms would be beneficial for those users with multiple platforms, but seems to be a waste of time for those specializing in one platform. To share trade secrets, tricks, techniques, and information amoung users of the same technology without compromising business opportunities is a difficult problem. How much of your knowledge do you give away to the competition in the interest of helping other users? This problem would be significantly greater in a multi-platform environment. It is also a problem for the RP equipment vendors.
        Where we RP'ers mutually need help is in the area of education and sales to the potential users of the products of our technology and perhaps to the potential new users and new comers to the field. It seems to me, the most benefit to be gained would be from a conference designed around these needs. Presentations could focus on the various processes, costs, and case studies. Displays could exhibit our best parts, unique applications, and innovations in rapid tooling.
        If the conference where educationally focused and not a users group, we would be willing to participate/present as experts in stereolithography acknowledging its advantages and disadvantages provided there were lots of students, engineers, and project managers attending.
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>one. Why not have one user group that encompasses all the RP processes?
>This would be a great resource (similar to the rp-ml) where users of all
>different processes and from different industries can exchange ideas and
>information face-to-face at meetings and seminars. Who wants to take the
>lead on this?

Glenn and group,

I'll host such an event but before I jump into the fire..answer these

For the First International User Group Meeting tell me.....
Will you attend? how many others from your company?
best dates for you:
Participate (if so how)
Suggested topics? Special interest groups? What would you lead?
Could you find Clemson?


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