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Hello All,

I'm having a hard time convincing my management that the 3DSNASLUG and
SME Conference
are the things to attend how am I to convince him that this other UG
would be? Will the same
 old topics be discussed? Would it be the same case histories? Will
there still be a real
reluctance to give or share TECHNICAL information? Will there....the
list goes on and on!
These are the questions that need to be answered!


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>one. Why not have one user group that encompasses all the RP processes?
>This would be a great resource (similar to the rp-ml) where users of all
>different processes and from different industries can exchange ideas and
>information face-to-face at meetings and seminars. Who wants to take
>lead on this?

Glenn and group,

I'll host such an event but before I jump into the fire..answer these

For the First International User Group Meeting tell me.....
Will you attend? how many others from your company?
best dates for you:
Participate (if so how)
Suggested topics? Special interest groups? What would you lead?
Could you find Clemson?


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