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From: Andrzejewski, Jan (jan_andrzejewski@peragroup.com)
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 20:06:00 EEST

Shreyas J Bakshi wants software that can convert UNIX data to DOS/WIN from
floppies, DAT or CD ?

Not knowing the full problems that Shreyas J Bakshi is having I can only
suggest the following:

Unix ASCII files ( eg STL or IGS ) can be converted into DOS ASCII files (
removal of control characters ) by using

to_dos Unix command and the floptical drive that comes with most
Silicon Graphics

also writes to 3.5 floppies IBM format.

If the file size is larger than 1.44 Mb use the unix command 'compress'
which then puts a .Z at
the end of the file.

Rename the file (eg test.stl.Z to test.stz ) then copy to the 3.5
floppy ( only if the compressed file is still less than 1.44 Mb )

At the DOS end use an executable file called gzip.exe to uncompress the unix
compressed file.

If you want the gzip.exe file let me know.

For files that are larger than the capacity of a floppy use a recordable CD
and the files are just copied onto the CD and should be easily read by a PC

If a tape cartridge is sent from a Unix machine it will most probably be in
TAR format, if this is the case then there is a piece of software called
MKtoolkit which allows unix commands to be typed in such as TAR , DD , CPIO
that deal with media transfers and allows other unix commands also.

If these do not cover you specific problems please let me know and I shall
try to help further

Jan Andrzejewski
RP Operations Manager

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