Re: inquiry about Ford's "Precision Stratiform Machining"

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Sun Aug 09 1998 - 06:42:24 EEST


    This sounds like the process developed by Dr. Furqan Zafer Shaikh at the Ford
Research Labs. It is indeed an interesting process and Zafer has published some
papers on it, but it doesn't seem to have won the financial support of Ford's
operating divisions, which is what it would have needed to continue in
development. It was for a time part of--or all of, I'm not sure--a lauded program
at Ford called the "100 Day Engine."

    As you said, the process uses CNC machining to cut sheet or plate metal
patterns representing a succession of cross sections of the desired object. The
patterns are then brazed together to form the desired object. As you can see,
this makes it a type of "cut-first pattern lamination" fabrication process. At
FRL, I saw an example of a cylinder head made by the technique.

    I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns wrote:

> Can anyone provide information on Ford's "PSM" method, which was shown to the
> public at the grand opening of the new Scientific Research Lab in 1994?
> The method successfully combined CNC machining, adaptive slicing planes, and
> brazed lamination to create functional engine parts - tested for many hours.
> Please tell me more about how the methods worked and what has become of this
> promising process. Alternatively, any leads to such info?
> Thanks.
> Norm Kinzie
> (781) 444-6910

Marshall Burns

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