Re: inquiry about Ford's "Precision Stratiform Machining"

Date: Sun Aug 09 1998 - 14:15:04 EEST


Thanks for the fast and helpful reply. There's a lot of similarity to the
Stratoconception process (can't detect a significant difference).

Seems like a lot of potential - though maybe more in small quantities (as for
remote replacement parts) than in mass production.

Norm Kinzie

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> This sounds like the process developed by Dr. Furqan Zafer Shaikh at the
> Ford
> Research Labs. It is indeed an interesting process and Zafer has published
> some
> papers on it, but it doesn't seem to have won the financial support of
> s
> operating divisions, which is what it would have needed to continue in
> development. It was for a time part of--or all of, I'm not sure--a lauded
> program
> at Ford called the "100 Day Engine."
> As you said, the process uses CNC machining to cut sheet or plate metal
> patterns representing a succession of cross sections of the desired object.
> The
> patterns are then brazed together to form the desired object. As you can
> this makes it a type of "cut-first pattern lamination" fabrication process.
> At
> FRL, I saw an example of a cylinder head made by the technique.
> I hope this helps.

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