RE: Elaine's RPUG idea

Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 04:26:27 EEST

> I'll host such an event but before I jump into the fire..answer these
> questions.
> For the First International User Group Meeting tell me.....
> Will you attend? how many others from your company?
> best dates for you:
> Participate (if so how)
> Suggested topics? Special interest groups? What would you lead?
> Could you find Clemson?
> Why not have it someplace other than the US if you really want an
> "international" crowd? If it is held in the US, I'm sure that I speak
> for most everyone here in Asia that we will not attend as costs to us
> will be 50+% more expensive (example, a "Big Mac" here costs $4.20 in
> local currency, same thing in America costs $12.63 in our local
> currency!)
> That said, I'll arrange hosting it here in Malaysia, if I get some
> support from the 3DNASUG as I have never hosted a large scale users
> group (only small ones here in Asia). I think we can get discounted
> airfare on Malaysian Air or Singapore Air (maybe around US$600 round
> trip from LAX) and rooms at a 4-5 star hotel/country club/convention
> center for US$60-70. Field trips to user sites in the area can be
> arranged (there are 3 500's, several 250's and a 350 and Actua in the
> Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/Penang area -- about a 3 hour driving radius).
> Any interest?

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