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From: David Retallick (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 15:47:45 EEST

Product Improvement Announcement

KIRA Company has announced a new toner for the PLT (Paper Lamination
Technology) machines PLT-A3 (KSC-50) and PLT-A4.

The toner (thermoplastic) deposited on the paper by the laser printer is
used in PLT as the bonding agent; reheated to 180degC, it serves as a
bond for each paper layer.
Laser printed sheets used to be a little grey and slightly sticky and in
the last years the printer manufacturers have developed toner to be very
dense and black, longlasting and NOT sticky!

For purposes of bonding, the colour is unimportant, but the inclusion of
ceramic powders etc. has worked against the needs of a PLT printer.
KIRA has now succeeded in reversing this development trend, producing a
(sticky) toner which,
a) is more economical in use (factor 100%), and,
b) bonds better than typical modern toner products
and results in much easier production of thin-walled parts.
Particularly interesting for European customers: the Yen is falling and
PLT is becoming more and more competive with Western products.

Enquiries to:

Dr. David Retallick
Retallick Systems, KIRA agency
Baumgaertle 36, 
D-86505 Muensterhausen (Germany)
phone +49/8281-1763 - fax +49/8281-5556

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