Elaine's RPUG idea

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Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 16:38:55 EEST

I personally think a multi RP User group would create a major marketing
event for the manufacturers. Separate groups allow the user group to
control how much sale stuff go on and can be screened easier.. This allows
for each user to get the maximum knowledge for each piece of equipment with
minimum amount of marketing hipe. I attend these meeting to learn what new
stuff is coming down the road and to talk to other users to see what they
are doing and what kind of problems they are having. The last thing I would
go to is a major competing marketing and sales struggle event. When
learning about sterolithography or Sla-250, Sla-5000, the last thing I want
to hear about is how good the Aeroflex machine is from Aeroflex or the DTM
Sinterstation is from DTM. These are suppose to be educational events and I
would be opposed to it.

As, for Elaine though on the Actua, I would say it should become part of
the existing user group program as it is produce by the same manufacturer
as the Sla equipment.

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>one. Why not have one user group that encompasses all the RP processes?
>This would be a great resource (similar to the rp-ml) where users of all
>different processes and from different industries can exchange ideas and
>information face-to-face at meetings and seminars. Who wants to take the
>lead on this?

Glenn and group,

I'll host such an event but before I jump into the fire..answer these

For the First International User Group Meeting tell me.....
Will you attend? how many others from your company?
best dates for you:
Participate (if so how)
Suggested topics? Special interest groups? What would you lead?
Could you find Clemson?


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