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Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 06:11:34 EEST

Elaine, you wrote,

Glenn and group,

I'll host such an event but before I jump into the fire..answer these

For the First International User Group Meeting tell me.....
>>Will you attend? how many others from your company?
>>best dates for you:
>>Participate (if so how)
>>Suggested topics? Special interest groups? What would you lead?
>>Could you find Clemson?


Elaine, here goes:

1) For the First International User Group Meeting (FIUG?) I (and possibly
one other) would try my best to attend, depending on location and cost.

2) Best date? Hard to pin down exactly, but the summer would probably be the
best for me since it seems to slow down then due to vacations. But it may
not be good for other people because they will be on vacation. Maybe some
extracurricular activities could be planned to encourage people to take
family and use the meeting as an excuse for a vacation? How far away is the
beach from Clemson? The second week in July after the 4th seems to be a
quiet time for us, for now (our plant-wide shutdown for annual maintenance
is usually the first two weeks of July but due to good sales, we haven't
done this in several years).

3) Participation? It would be nice to do a presentation on RP-related
aircraft design applications but this will depend on whether my management
would allow the information to be used.

4) Suggested Topics?

A) Mixed RP design applications (different RP processes used on one project
due to material requirements, accuracy, fineness of detail, unique material
properties, etc.).

B) Rapid Tooling using the various RP processes. Also, would a combination
of processes be useful to make a tool?

C) Casting applications and advantages\disadvantages using the various

D) RP Model-making techniques (construction of model from CAD design to
finished show piece) using the various RP processes.

Special Interest Groups?

a) Design Applications
b) Manufacturing & Tooling Applications
c) Casting Applications
d) Model Making Techniques
e) Unique Service Bureau applications and services (e.g. medical, such as
the burn mask created using RP from scanned data)

Hope this information helps.

Steve Deak had a good point when he mentioned the SME RP&M conference.
Maybe working with SME/RPA to provde more focus on user-related topics and
seminars would be easier than starting another user's group meeting.

Bruce Okkema also made some good points too. A conference
(perhaps also in conjuction with SME/RPA show) geared toward educating
potential users of RP services and highlighting the unique services and
specialties of various service bureaus would be beneficial and help boost
the RP industry overall. Students and young engineers would especially
benefit from an educational focus like this - they are the future (or
current) movers and shakers and will aggressively use the technology if
given the knowledge and opportunity.

Best Regards,

Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft Company
e-mail: siderwhite@worldnet.att.net

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