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Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 14:42:53 EEST


        Exactly my point. You seen one, you've practically seen them all.
That's why I've stayed off the speaking circuit this year. We're doing more
of the same (with some refinements, so who wants to hear it again?).

        Since the market is so competitive, (OEM's, Service Bureaus, and
others) do you really expect the SHARING on a USER-LEVEL? This type of
information was typical 5 years ago, but not today in the age of
"proprietary processes". Can this be a new level of openness on the rise in

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> There seem to be a feeling on the RP-ML that machine-specific user group
> meetings and SME-RPA conventions are not delivering what is expected.
> Could that be because they are the same presenters at the same venues
> speaking to the same participants about the same subjects? ....SNIP......

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