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Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 16:50:21 EEST

Hi Dan,

I have used the LTM from the Advanced Composites Group in the UK, its fine,
no problems using it. All you need to remember is to only remove from the
freezer the amount you need to use to remain in the shelf life of the
material for the intended time period. Generally these prepregs have a
short shelf life. You should be able to cut from a frozen roll the amount
you need to use, then just put the frozen roll back in the freezer. Always
keep the prepreg in a sealed bag while thawing otherwise the prepreg will
collect moisture from the condensation. If you intend to use the whole roll
within the designated shelf life then no problems. There are different
prepreg specs to suit your needs.


Derek Harrell.
Daewoo Tech Centre Worthing,
England on 12/08/98 07:11:20

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Subject: Composite laminates

Hello all,
Has anyone out there (especially our aerospace collegues) heard of or
used the low temp molding (LTM) prepreg composite materials from the
Advanced Composites Group of the UK?
What's your impression?

Dan Davis
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