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GE Plastics to Test ExpressTool's New Mold Making Technology; Dramatic
Reduction in Time, Cost
WARWICK, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 11, 1998--Infinite Group, Inc.,
(NASDAQ:IMCI) announced today that GE Plastics and ExpressTool of Warwick,
RI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinite Group, entered into an exclusive
agreement to test ExpressTool's new proprietary mold making technology that
will substantially improve the productivity of plastic injection molding
The new technology, introduced in the fall of 1997, can reduce the molding
cycle time of products by 20-30 percent by allowing the use of high
productivity production inserts for molds. A key to the reduction in cycle
time is the use of conformal cooling, which removes heat from molds more
efficiently and uniformly than conventional methods. The patent-pending
technology utilizes a unique composite fabrication method, which reduces
part cycles and minimizes distortion, thus reducing costs and improving
According to Tom O'Connor, program leader for GE Plastics, "Joint testing
with ExpressTool will benefit all involved. At our Polymer Processing
Development Center, (PPDC), we will be able to characterize tool life. We
will also measure cycle time to help customers understand how to get their
product to market more quickly and more cost effectively, which will
benefit not only the OEM but the supplier as well."
O'Connor added that, "Our main goal for this project is to validate and
accelerate the commercialization of the ExpressTool process. We believe
this technology has great potential and that, by exposing the tool to a
wide range of tests, we will have better insight into its appropriate
applications. It is our intention to share this knowledge on this
capability with current and future GE customers."
Tom McDonald, President of ExpressTool, said, "This is an exciting
initiative for us. By working closely with GE Plastics, with their
knowledge of engineering thermoplastics, we will be able to establish
lifetime data for characteristics including long-term durability of the
tool, temperature and injection pressure limits. GE's testing will validate
what we have believed all along, that ExpressTool inserts will
revolutionize molding technology. Also, GE's customer base will be able to
utilize this to their competitive advantage."
GE Plastics, headquartered in Pittsfield, MA, is a leading global
manufacturer of high performance engineering thermoplastics. With
manufacturing and marketing locations around the world, GE Plastics
supplies a spectrum of high performance resins, as well as advanced
copolymers, alloys, and composites for use in major markets such as
automotive, computers, telecommunications, building and construction, lawn
and garden, medical appliances and housewares.
ExpressTool is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinite Group, Inc., an
industry leader in the areas of laser material processing, advanced
manufacturing methods, high productivity production tooling and
laser-applications technology. Infinite Group holds a thirty-four percent
stake of Spectra Science Corp, and is its largest shareholder.
This release contains "forward looking statements" based on current
expectations but involving known and unknown risks and uncertainties.
Actual results or achievements may be materially different from those
expressed or implied. The Company's plans and objectives are based on
assumptions involving judgements with respect to future economic,
competitive and market conditions and future business decisions, all of
these are difficult or impossible to predict accurately and many are beyond
the control of the Company, therefore, there can be no assurance that the
forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate.
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