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Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 12:06:26 EEST

Dear List,

I wanted to put my two cents in about packing rp parts. This is my
experience packing delicate sculpture for years.

Inferior processes:
bubble wrap
blown foam
newspaper or other paper
peanuts or other loose chips (though these are better than the above)

Superior process:
Carve a dense (40lb or higher) elastometric foam in the negative shape
of the part. Use a top piece and a bottom piece so that the carved area
is 1/2 of the overall model. You have great control with this for in
wide open areas of the
part, the foam can actually make contact with the part and hold it in

Using this process, I've never had a break in a part. I've seen breaks
with all the other processes.

The dense foam can be cut to the exact size of the box you use to ship.
For highly complex parts, it can take as much as 45 minutes to cut the
foam, and a little skill, but this is a superior way to pack.

I post this in hopes that more rp bureaus will employ this system.


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