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Dear list ,
This mail is contiguous to my previous mail.

I think it is important to explain my work.
>The way we prepare epoxy mold is like this:
>We take pattern either RP or conventional. We have FDM1650 and SOLIDER
4600 RP systems.
>We apply a thin layer ( 2 mm ) of metal coat on it.
>Back it with epoxy resin with fillers.
>Repeat the same for next side.
>In this context I've studied the effect of filler materials on the mold
interms of both mechanical and thermal properties. The results are very
encouraging. Now I wanted to see the effect of this metallic coat.
>I hope this gives overall idea about the process. Now could you forsee any
effect of this coating ? It could be in terms of strength, surface finish,
durability or life of mold.

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