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Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 18:25:18 EEST

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Somerville, MA - August 6, 1998  Z Corporation will be returning to
Autofact on September 29  October 1 to demonstrate the Z402? rapid
prototyping system, the worlds fastest 3D printer. Z Corporation will
be printing parts to give away at Booth #419. The Company has also been
invited to demonstrate the system at the Technology Demonstration
Pavilion (Booth #159).

Autofact 98 will mark the official release of Z Corporations latest
material system, featuring a three-fold increase in green strength since
last January and more than a ten-fold increase in processed part
strength over the same period. The new system includes ZP11 powder, ZB5
binder solution and ZR10 infiltration resin. Z Corporation will also
release the ZW4 Automated Waxer, a post-processing unit that
automatically infiltrates concept models with paraffin wax to improve
their strength and surface finish.

Z Corporation has recently announced its new distribution plan. In the
United States, the Company is establishing a direct sales force in the
East Coast, Midwest, Great Lakes and Western Regions and a network of
agents in other growing markets. All sales representatives are equipped
to visit customers with the Z402 System and build a complete customer
part on site. This unique sales technique is possible because of the
easy fifteen-minute setup of the system, its unsurpassed reliability,
and its extraordinary print speed. Four parts the size of a camera can
be printed during a one-hour demonstration. In European markets, Z
Corporation is developing partnerships to provide sales and service
support and is currently taking orders for delivery in the first quarter
of 1999. Autofact will be the first show at which Z Corp. will be
taking orders for international delivery.
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The Autofact Conference and Exhibition is the premier forum providing
information technology solutions for the manufacturing enterprise and
will take place at Cobo Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan.
Autofact is sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).
Entering its 21st year, Autofact addresses the needs of manufacturing
companies, enabling them to develop and launch new, competitive business
strategies more effectively than before and discover new ways to reduce
costs, increase productivity and improve time-to-market.

The Z402 system is an affordable ($59,000) rapid prototyping system that
builds parts in an office environment, thereby providing engineers,
marketers and manufacturers a means to communicate and improve designs
in three dimensions instead of on a flat screen or paper. The Z402
system builds parts dramatically faster than any other 3D printer on the
market. The core technology for the Z402 system was developed at and
patented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and licensed to Z
Corporation. The system was featured in the Microsoft booth at the
National Design Engineering Show and in the Parametric Technology booth
at the Society of Automotive Engineers Show. The Companys growing
customer list includes Whirlpool, Kodak, Toyota, the Robert Bosch Corp.,
Motorola, United Technologies and Baxter Healthcare.

For further information, please contact Marina Hatsopoulos, CEO or John
Kawola, Sales Manager. Z Corp. can be found on the internet at

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